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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Jan 20, 2021

On today’s episode, we have the honor of learning from Dr. Richard Mulvaney. As a native Illinoisan with a long term interest in soil science and agronomy, he always has the passion for agriculture. He has taught soil fertility at UIUC since 1983 and is known for his agronomist research.



Dr. Mulvaney and Rod will burrow into how we can manage Nitrogen better to transform our farm soils and its fertility. We started on a recommendation made years ago on the amount of Nitrogen needed for every bushel of corn where Dr. Mulvaney narrated an account of when and how the 1.2 theory has been made including the assumption it’s based on. It is our great pleasure to learn from him! Come, tune in and listen!


Episode 30 Highlights  


  • 00:38 Kayla introduces Dr. Richard Mulvaney 👨‍🔬


  • 01:25 Rod’s overview on today’s topic


  • 02:02 Mulvaney re-counts on how his passion for Nitrogen developed ❣


  • 02:45 Rod recalls a well-accepted recommendation published years ago on the subject of Nitrogen 💡


  • 03:10 How the 1.2 recommendation led about and surfaced for years in farm practice


  • 04:13 Mulvaney discusses issues on the static plot design 😮


  • 07:10 The “One Size Fits All” system that led to the assumption 😯


  • 09:50 Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #1 (broadcasting Nitrogen...)


  • 11:02 Follow up question (on Coulter treatment)


  • 12:45 The need to show the plant that it’s going to have a good supply of N to build its yield


  • 14:16 Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #2 (correlation between tissue test and nitrogen content)


  • 16:45 Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #3 (correlation between CEC and how much we can put on a single shot…)


  • 18:00 Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #4 (the soil test for amino sugars)


  • 20:13 Wake-up Call! Farmers’ field is not static plot ❕


  • 22:55 The tests and trials got resistance from the fertilizer industry 😔


  • 25:12 Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #5 (variations in optimum N rates)


  • 26:38 Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #6 (time of year that tests can be ran for better effectivity)


  • 27:38 Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #7 (adding sugar source to Nitrogen)


  • 28:28 Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #8 (how a plant uses amino sugars)


  • 30:02 Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #9 (how to build the amino sugar level in the soil)


  • 31:25 Different types of manure are of different matter 〰


  • 31:58 So, UAN vs. ammonium nitrate or urea vs. anhydrous ⁉


  • 34:30 Rod’s Potassium Chloride pun 😂


  • 34:55 Everything we do is geared towards better plant health! 💚


  • 35:50 The rehab isn’t for the dirt, it’s for the grower 💯


  • 36:02 Mulvaney’s closing thoughts


  • 36:55 Watch out for Dr. Mulvaney’s follow-up podcast for more agro-topics ‼


  • 37:09 Kayla’s closing comments 😊





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