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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Jan 25, 2021

On today’s episode, Tyler and Nick quizzes Bryce Hunt of Hunt Farms on when he got his first interest in agriculture especially when he started his YouTube channel to promote agriculture. Pretty amazing that he developed the passion at a very tender age of 5, and now at only 9 years old, he gets to share his fun farm stories, vision, and future business goals with us. Come, tune in and listen!



Episode 31 Highlights  


  • 00:35 Tyler welcomes back Nick! 😊


  • 01:05 Nick introduces son, Bryce Hunt 😊


  • 01:55 Bryce gives us a peek of his early fascination in the family farm business  👀


  • 02:30 Bryce talks about his Youtube channel promoting American agriculture and farms 👨‍🌾


  • 03:18 So where did Bryce’s passion for agriculture stemmed from ❓


  • 03:52 Bryce’s favorite part of the farm 💚


  • 04:37 So when did Bryce really started farming??


  • 05:55 Bryce’s TAGLINE ❗


  • 06:20 The Conklin AgroVantage System 👌


  • 07:45 Bryce’s impression of the “A Better Way To Farm” podcast 😍


  • 08:33 Bryce met Rod of the “A Better Way To Farm” podcast 😊


  • 10:22 Conklin Field Day activities


  • 12:03 Bryce’s face-to-face encounter with Mr. Charles Herbster of Conklin 😮


  • 13:08 What’s on Bryce Hunt’s mind right now ⁉


  • 13:47 Hey! Bryce spills on his favorite part of “A Better Way To Farm” team 👍


  • 14:45 Moving forward 10 years from now, what could be Bryce’s goals in the future 👁


  • 18:45 How did the Conklin AgroVantage System helped in Hunt’s farm operations?


  • 21:33 Bryce’s take on the best candidate for Assistant to the Regional Manager amongst his brothers in the future


  • 22:08 Nick & Bryce Hunt’s parting words for all the “A Better Way To Farm” podcast listeners!


  • 23:26 How to reach out Bryce Hunt 😉


  • 23:55 Check his Youtube channel – Bryce Hunt ➡ LIKE & SUBSCRIBE ‼


  • 24:55 Share us with your family and friends 😉




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