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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Jun 14, 2021

As another productive week lies ahead, we at A Better Way to Farm are continually looking for ways to push those yields for all our Better Way farmers. And this week is no different as we lay down the foundational steps to get ready for that post emerge pass with chemicals, especially if you’re using glyphosate.


Again, were we going with the proven approach? If you do, then let's get right into this episode and learn those tips to make your farm yields, and your life better.


Join us in this telling episode to understand other gainful ways to run our farms… 😉 😉 😉

Episode 51 Highlights ✨


  • 00:26 What do we need to do to push those yields ❔❔❔


  • 00:53 Watch out for upcoming interview episodes to share their Better Way experiences...


  • 01:15 Does the use of glyphosate create yellow flash in your case? Then listen to this ß ß


  • 01:40 Remember, not all manganese products are created equal ❌


  • 02:08 The cycle of glyphosate ♻♻♻


  • 02:40 Do that water test first and put in the appropriate amount of ammonium sulphate ✔


  • 02:58 Interested in the idea? Reach out to us at (641) 919-1206 ß


  • 03:22 Want to prevent the yellow flash or at least reduce it? Listen up.


  • 03:47 Do you check the weight of your manganese? Here’s why you should, now.


  • 04:30 Why choose our Manganese


  • 05:22 Take advantage. Magnify your profits, better way farmers!


  • 05:44 Need more information? à 6 4 1 9 1 9 1 2 0 6 or visit our Facebook page HERE!



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