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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Apr 26, 2021

Do you know that our purpose must encompass more than just us?


Today, Rod will be tackling on a deeper dive through each of our life’s purposes. With this in mind, the greater good should be at the heart of all our actions. When you are experiencing life's challenges, always remind yourself of who you are. You should never be distracted by anything except your true purpose. And yes, this also stays true even in running our own farms.


Now, let's continue this conversation on another episode of eye-opening lessons on better ways to run our farms… 😉



Episode 44 Highlights  


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  • 00:41 Kayla’s new academic journey starts here 👩‍🎓


  • 00:55 An interesting speech by Dr. Douglas Palmer of Culver-Stockton College…


  • 01:27 What is your purpose ❓❓


  • 01:48 Hear about Kayla’s purpose here 👂


  • 02:43 Are you planning for 3 generations or are you only planning for the Saturday night


  • 03:10 What is your take on multi-generational farming involving your kids??


  • 03:48 What farming can teach our children in the long run 👨‍🌾


  • 04:23 The purpose of training the next generation of community leaders 👩‍🌾


  • 04:52 Look for the deeper calling 👀


  • 05:15 The farm-to-table beef couple 💑


  • 05:54 Take these purposes as an example and start to really think hard 😊


  • 07:02 Back during the days when Rod worked with her father-in-law (listen here!)


  • 07:36 Do not lose sight of what your purpose was when you first started out 👍


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  • 08:30 A Better Way to Farm’s purpose – hear us!



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