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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Nov 23, 2021

It’s a beautiful day again to share with y’all effective farming strategies to try and better ways to support our co-farmers and owners through all farm seasons, not only in farm productions and improvements but also in concrete and viable life tips and insights.


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Now, we are excited because Rod is going to share with us the profitable farming formula. Yes, there is one. Keep in mind that if we do things right, we should be able to reap its benefits in due time. So, Rod is going to expound it on this episode, so let us exchange a few of our thoughts on this subject. Be ready to listen and Rod will impart notable points we need to consider. Let’s go right in … 😉



Episode 79 Highlights ✨


00:23     First time to hear about the profitable farming formula ❔❔


01:18     Let’s start with soil testing …


02:00     Got your soil test yet? You have to look for these 👈


03:05     So, are you going to do the cheap test?? Or….


03:38     What should be the ideal soil test results and how should we deal with it, here ß


05:05     So how are we going to apply that NPK?


06:40     Always look at the data and what the industry says 👍


07:37     Want to know more about Potassium? Listen to our Dr. Mulvaney episode HERE & HERE 👈


08:10     Now, let’s go to our micronutrient and secondary nutrients factor 💡


09:20     What’s our goal here at A Better Way to Farm 👨‍🌾


09:39     The 4Rs are all true


12:34     WEX + AMP = ❤


13:35     This leaves the weather to be the only limiting factor ß


13:58     Want some confirmations on weatherproofing? Give us a call (641) 919-1206  ☎☎☎


14:53     Remember, S T + NPK + M N x 4R + WEX + AMP / WEATHER 


15:27     Go to our website and calculate your farm profitability score ◀◀




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