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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Jan 18, 2021

On today’s episode, we have the honor of learning from Dr. Richard Mulvaney. As a native Illinoisan with a long term interest in soil science and agronomy, he always has the passion for agriculture. He has taught soil fertility at UIUC since 1983 and is known for his agronomist research.



With the recent ongoing hot topic on Potassium, we are going to dig deeper on its paradox, the importance of building the right soil levels, the plants’ major role in releasing potassium in between the clay layers, and soil mining. Remarkably, some of you listeners might have the same shift of faith as Dr. Mulvaney had when he discovered things tracing back issues on the nutrient mobility and availability. Also, you’ll definitely want to stick and hear about this issue on K test levels, surely come in handy to taking better care of your farm soils. It is our great pleasure to learn from him! Come, tune in and listen!


Episode 29 Highlights


>>00:32           Kayla introduces Rod Livesay 👨


>>00:55           Kayla introduces Dr. Richard Mulvaney 👨‍🔬


>>02:02           How Dr. Mulvaney learned about Potassium 💡


>>03:07           Dr. Mulvaney’s journey from being a proponent to opponent in adding Potassium Chloride to the soil with the help of Saeed Khan


>>04:20           The Potassium Paradox ❓


>>05:20           Rod’s theory on how to best accomplish the build-up of Potassium levels on soils 〽


>>06:20           Ask Dr. Mulvaney – Question #1 (clay aging)


>>09:20           Let’s talk about soil mining ▶


>>10:25           The competitive advantage of Potassium over Magnesium and Calcium ✔


>>12:30           It’s hard to unlearn something 😶


>>13:15           A Better Way to Farm pushes on going out to always seek the truth first 💯


>>14:25           What may be the relationship between Magnesium and Potassium ❓


>>15:50           The issue on K test levels…


>>17:45           So, how do we tap in onto the reserves ❔


>>18:45           An anecdote on a farmer in Ohio who had a low K test 😄


>>19:55           Rod echoes on what Potassium application really does on soils


>>20:20           Rod mentions a study done at Purdue and published at the University of Nebraska


>>21:18           Potassium phosphate vs. Potassium chloride 🎗


>>23:10           Rod believes that a farmer’s good should always come first 💚


>>23:25           Watch out for a follow up podcast on Nitrogen ❗


>>24:30           Agriculture is ever-changing and we’re always learning ✅


>>25:00           Dr. Mulvaney says we used to know things that we don’t know now 😁


>>25:47           Dr. Mulvaney’s closing comments ☺


>> 28:15           Last  minute question for Dr. Mulvaney…


>>29:00           Kayla’s closing comments 🗯



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