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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Oct 18, 2021

Better day to all our loyal listeners! The A Better Way to Farm team is excited as always to bring you a series of interviews with real stories of triumph in farm management to powerful strategies and hacks that changed the lives of our fellow farmers as it did to us.

For this week’s valued conversation, Matt is going to share with us his valuable tips when it comes to setting up your equipment that won’t break the bank for your starter fertilizer. This might just be what you need to decide on making that change sooner than later.

Be ready to listen and decide what’s best for your farm! Let’s take note of some strategies from this interview that we may be able to apply and boost our farm’s growth. Let’s go right in! 😉 😉 😉



Episode 73 Highlights


  • 00:35 First off, do share us with a friend or two. Give us a rating and let us know how we do ❤


  • 00:45 An alternative to your typical OEM equipment? Meet Matt Day ß


  • 02:03 Hear Matt’s take on setting up with a Kinze planter 👂


  • 03:20 What other planter options does Sprayer Specialties offer?


  • 03:47 Oh what if you only have a tractor and a planter and nothing else


  • 05:42 Sprayer Specialties will make it all easy for you, how? Listen here 👈


  • 07:13 So, how much for the basic kit and what’s the inclusions? 🔍


  • 08:14 How about an upgrade? How do we go about it?


  • 10:12 Storage tanks you say? Matt got you covered here as well …


  • 10:56 Matt gives you a tip on what to do if you have a limited space for your tank 👍


  • 11:53 Keep your sprayer rolling, coupled with A Better Way set of fertilizers 👌


  • 12:36 Reach out to Matt and learn more of what they can offer HERE



  • 14:00 Fertilizer question? Dial 6 4 1 9 1 9 1 2 0 6 or visit our Facebook page links 😉



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