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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Mar 22, 2021

In this episode, it is an honor to be able to pick brains with the 25-time yield champion, Jerry Cox. For today’s discussion, we are primarily going to focus on corn and soybeans but the principles you’re going to get may also work with the other crops we have. We are also going to talk in substance about foliar feeding and how to make it work in our farms. All these contributes in a chunk of ways we can further increase farm yield and profitability which we all aspire for our farms, so come and join us in this telling episode and be in the know on better ways to run our farms!



Episode 39 Highlights  


  • 00:40 Rod introduces our 25-time yield champion, Jerry Cox! 👍


  • 01:23 A sneak peek on what’s in store for us today with Jerry Cox! 😊


  • 02:12 Jerry shares when and how he and Rod got started in the farm business 👨‍🌾


  • 03:38 What foundations did Jerry built before foliar feeding and starting operations ❓


  • 04:45 What the soil test in the test farm revealed to Jerry and Rod…


  • 06:42 Jerry started foliar feeding in 2003, let’s hear his results the first time 👂


  • 09:00 Why did Jerry traded for his own sprayer??


  • 11:12 Jerry shares the path of his success on his soybean field here 👈


  • 17:18 How do Jerry runs his foliar feeding program now (be sure to take notes!)


  • 24:05 Rod adds up a few more tips on how to run your foliar feeding activities HERE 👈



  • 27:00 Back to foliar feeding principles (jot this all down folks!) 📃


  • 31:30 The temperature plays a big role, too 🔥


  • 32:28 What products are we going to use now? Jerry spills …


  • 35:50 Better Way farmers could all agree that it should all be about plant health 👩‍🌾


  • 39:45 3 foliar feeds?? Make sure you do this on your very best crop 😉


  • 41:02 How many of Jerry’s acre does he foliar feed on the 1st half, 2nd half, and so on…


  • 42:05 Listen to Jerry on when can a rescue treatment can serve us very well 💡


  • 46:45 Watch out for one more 2-day fundamentals of agronomy training in Omaha 👨‍🏫


  • 47:40 Listen to Jerry Cox’s closing message for all of us in Better Way 👌


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