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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Nov 15, 2021

What better way to start the week right but to share golden ways to grow better crops and make more money for our farms. Better decisions always lead to better yields over time. We are looking forward to you having a really productive week ahead.

This episode is another special one as Andy, a grower from Northeast Iowa, shares a lot of his stories on his journey to having better yields even with a little uncertainty while beginning to take the better route. But he knew he needs to try something different and that’s when the A Better Way to Farm team helped him take off.

This episode is pretty interesting so listen well so that like Andy, we can find our way to having more money to spare for our farms. For all we know, a guided system may be all we need to grow our farms in a more efficient and effective manner. So tune in, and let's get right to it! 😉 😉 😉



Episode 77 Highlights


  • 00:35 Let’s meet Andy 👈


  • 02:50 Let’s picture Andy’s farm before meeting the A Better Way to Farm team 😊


  • 03:55 It’s a wonder what their starter purpose is for the micronutrients they lack then ❔❔


  • 04:42 …and then he met someone from the team! Yay! ❤


  • 05:32 so why Pro-Ag??


  • 06:40 Scepticism? Oh yeah!


  • 07:10 Guess what Andy discovered and realized for himself after ß


  • 08:10 So, here’s the importance of being able to network within Pro Ag


  • 10:05 From being sceptical to being a firm believer of change, how so?


  • 11:54 As for the ROI…. Was it a + or a – ❓


  • 12:20 Another upside to the Pro Ag program 👍


  • 12:54 The role of soil tests on Andy’s fertility package altogether 👈


  • 13:27 Sulfur vs. Boron


  • 14:23 How did 2020 go from there?


  • 15:17 Being able to change the fertility program based on the weather or season? A-Okay!


  • 18:27 From 2018 to today, here’s what Andy has freed up of, just by following a system ß


  • 19:42 Speaking of options – hear from Tyler the other options you may have 👂


  • 20:46 An opportunity that unfolded right before the very eyes of Andy 👌


  • 22:30 It's more about motivation and encouragement, so why not?!


  • 23:17 Here is Andy’s recommendation for y’all 😉


  • 24:35 Want to know the coolest part of these trainings? Tyler revealed it here 👈


  • 25:40 A lesson or two from Andy 💡


  • 27:38 Interested in Andy’s custom application business? Reach out to him 👍


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