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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

May 10, 2021

This week, Rod will give us a chance to reflect on the tremendous difference a farmer can make if he just thinks differently. It's easy to get distracted sometimes, and we drift further down the river if we don't work to improve. Do you let yourself slip out on the sidelines?


Let’s listen and tune in as Rod teaches us how to properly plan for success of 2022 even with all the disturbance that COVID left for us to tend. So, let's continue this conversation in another episode of eye-opening lessons on better ways to manage our farms… 😉



Episode 46 Highlights  


  • 00:38 The difference between Person #1 and Person #2 ❓❓


  • 01:15 Can you afford the long-cut??


  • 01:38 What process are you in right now


  • 02:10 Double down on your plans ❗❗


  • 02:46 This is the year to try a few new things 👍


  • 03:32 Think, plan, and work out the future


  • 04:11 Read and study on ideas that can work for your farm 📖


  • 04:58 Be guided and find a mentor 💚


  • 05:08 Watch out for our interviews with people who have committed to doing something different for their farms 👀


  • 06:15 If you’re already the best farmer, wouldn’t you want to move to another level 👨‍🌾


  • 06:37 Next up in July! Stay tuned for this …


  • 06:59 How are you going to do it better in 2022 🗓


  • 07:39 Remember: Do not fall into the trap of mundane thoughts 👎


  • 08:07 Ask: when will you have the time to do it properly if you don't have the time now?


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