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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Jun 21, 2021

Here at A Better Way to Farm, we are always excited to share some ideas to help our Better Way farmers make the most out of their crops and boost their yields. Today, we are going to take a closer look at Boron. Have you taken a good look at your soil tests and see how deficient it is of Boron? But what does Boron exactly do for our farms? How is it important?


This episode is going to open up new ways to maximize the use of Boron, pre or post-application. Are you ready to listen and take notes? Let’s go right in and learn better ways indeed to safely apply Boron and make your farm yields better.


Join us in this quick episode and fully understand profitable ways to run our farms… 😉 😉 😉


Episode 52 Highlights ✨


  • 00:25 Today’s topic à B-O-R-O-N 👈


  • 01:00 If Boron is that important, let us hear what exactly it does here 👂


  • 01:56 Listen to some of the interesting characteristics of Boron …


  • 02:20 Effective ways to put Boron?? Here you go 😉


  • 02:58 How about dry powder Boron, you say ⁉


  • 03:13 Stay tuned for our future interviews on proven results of these applications


  • 03:24 Ways you wouldn’t want your Boron to be applied


  • 03:52 2x2 ways?? This is the way to go ß


  • 04:25 Need more information to implement? à Dial/text 6 4 1 9 1 9 1 2 0 6 or visit our Facebook page HERE!


  • 04:47 It is always our pleasure to help! Watch our Facebook Lives and save yourself some trouble 👌


  • 05:00 More about Boron here …


  • 05:43 Applying one pint at a time? We can figure that out as we go work it out 👍


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