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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Oct 11, 2021

Good morning y’all! The A Better Way to Farm team is excited to bring you a series of interviews with real stories of triumph in farm management and powerful strategies that changed the lives of our fellow farmers.

For this week’s inspiring conversation, let our guest tell you a thing or two on his journey towards a promising future of their next generation’s farmers. Are you willing to make the same changes he made to turn the wheels around and grow his farm to ultimately enjoy his goal to have more time for the family whilst producing profits?

Be ready to listen and decide what’s best for your farm! Let’s take note of some strategies we may apply to boost our farm’s growth. Let’s go right in! 😉 😉 😉



Episode 71 Highlights


  • 00:52 Let’s meet Sam Shanks 👈


  • 01:12 Putting some flavour for upcoming podcast episodes


  • 01:52 Let’s hear about Sam’s farm operations here ß


  • 03:12 Did Sam pictured himself to be a farmer? Let’s hear how God works in Sam’s story.


  • 03:55 Tyler’s Math tale 😊 😊


  • 05:16 Sam’s old fertility program – The Before


  • 06:43 Is cheaper always the best option??



  • 08:54 Come 2018….. and 2019 ❌❌


  • 10:58 Is it really a lost cause for Sam? Is it the end for their farm’s next generations?



  • 13:36 There really is more to it than just NPK 👌


  • 15:01 The Pro Ag trainings and Conklin meetings 👍


  • 16:17 A little backstory of Sam when he opened up an account & all the programs that follow..


  • 17:54 Here comes Sam’s turning point for his farm operations, and the rest is history


  • 20:17 The agronomy meeting that had such big effect on Sam’s life and farm operations 👈


  • 22:24 How important is it to get actively involved in the activities (National Conventions, etc.)❓


  • 24:55 Knowing the difference between a John Deere and a reindeer 😉


  • 26:58 Let’s hear Sam’s eye-opening discovery on attaining yields he never had before 👂


  • 29:47 Exciting things have started to shine for Sam


  • 31:37 … and now breaking the goal 👌


  • 33:27 So, does the system requires a certain number of acre farm for it to work? Listen here ß


  • 34:56 How does farming less and producing more profit sounds like? Possible? YES!


  • 37:29 Bigger goals for your farm? You have to do it right, and you have to do it NOW!


  • 38:44 Raise the bar for future generations of farmers 👍 👍 👍





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