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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Oct 4, 2021

Greetings! It is yet another week of continuous productivity and new beginnings. The A Better Way to Farm team will never stop to provide you with tons of information and implementable strategies for growing your farm this season.


In this episode, Tyler meets Tyler, the grower who never lets limiting factors get in the way of a good harvest and greater yields. His quest led him to meet A Better Way to Farm and discover the Conklin strategies to learn better farming practices together with his father, uncle and cousin.


Be ready to listen and determine what’s best for your farm! Let’s take note of some practices which may apply to boost your farm’s growth. Come on, tune in! 😉 😉 😉



Episode 69


  • 00:35 Meet Tyler Janky


  • 02:31 Listen to what he had learned in the last 3 years with A Better Way to Farm 👨‍🌾


  • 03:26 The farm scenario before that ❓


  • 04:11 Finally, an A-ha moment that made them shift directions 👌


  • 05:01 What Tyler tried 1st on board ß


  • 05:38 Tyler’s WEX story …


  • 07:28 The combine always tells a true story 💚


  • 08:30 Want to know the difference in what we use with the combine? 😉


  • 09:50 … it all started with a simple soil test 👍


  • 11:04 So was it a 30% or a 15% loss on the hail event ❓❓



  • 13:08 Listen to Tyler’s account of the 2-day Agronomy training 👂


  • 14:07 And Tyler’s coolest moment with Pro-Ag’s events is …


  • 14:30 Meeting Conklin’s owner, Mr. Charles Herbster 😊


  • 16:03 The various approaches Tyler took for his seed production as well ✔


  • 17:17 His seed corn acres are pretty impressive, here’s why ß


  • 18:59 Oh, was that commercial corn? No! Holy Baloney!


  • 20:14 Tyler’s expectations for his commercial corn


  • 21:38 How to play the seed game? Listen HERE, with Jerry Cox 🎙


  • 22:47 Tyler’s got a message for you! 👈


  • 24:00 Curious about cost of production effects? Hear it from Tyler 👌


  • 24:52 A story for another day, so watch out … 😉



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