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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Aug 30, 2021

We are very blessed and proud to have with us in this episode the stars of the show, The Crush, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, to share with us not only their passion for hunting but also their family’s journey, amusing stories, and their competitive advantage to realizing their goals one by one.


They practice their passion not only during their outside travels but also inside their Iowa farm. Not only will we be entertained by the outdoor enthusiasts’ power couple, but we are going to learn a lot from them especially in overcoming those fears to come out of our comfort zones. Let’s dive right in and listen to some of their adventure chronicles. Come and join us! 😉 😉 😉



Episode 63 Highlights


  • 01:29 Let’s hear how Lee’s love for hunting got started 🔫 🔫


  • 02:31 but wait! Tiffany’s story is the total opposite of Lee’s


  • 04:19 Want to hear what they do to stay on top of their game 👈


  • 05:52 Hunting will never grow old for Lee 👌


  • 07:11 …and the kids get to have their share of F-U-N as well 💚


  • 08:15 A good story on running with Murphy, the farm dog 😊


  • 10:32 Curious what their career goals were back in college? Listen here 👂


  • 13:04 “There has to be that passion in order to be successful in anything.”- Rod 👍


  • 13:33 Between then and now, things got easier with social media


  • 14:22 Life on the road …


  • 15:12 On avoiding distractions and staying on target ß


  • 16:50 Balancing their passion for hunting with family life ⚖


  • 19:10 Dealing with critics – how hard can they be ⁉


  • 21:14 This is why Lee prefers not to have social media 👈


  • 21:41 Rod and Lee’s coincidental encounter with the same deer, for real!


  • 22:23 What kind of neighbours are the Lakoskys? 😊


  • 24:20 The one deer that got away, tune into their story …


  • 27:56 Tiffany’s encounter with a ginormous ape


  • 30:15 Hunting times before the start of “The Crush” show ß


  • 31:11 Here’s a funny driving story by Tiffany 😉


  • 33:45 Tiffany’s tip on getting out of your comfort zone to pursue something you love 💚


  • 35:05 Lee’s message? Chase that dream! Do something!


  • 38:16 Out-of-the-box thinking, away from people’s expectations is the way to go for these couple 👍


  • 38:46 More on living your passion and being good Christians 💚




Thank you for joining us on today’s episode. If you’ve enjoyed listening to this episode, follow us, tune in and share the good news of A Better Way to Farm Podcast 😉 😉 😉


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