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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

For today's episode, Tyler and Nick once again will accompany us to tackle on continuing efforts for  growing and building a lasting farm legacy for all family farms especially with the help of the AgroVantage System. We are also burrowing on the advantages for farm owners to be able to join sevaral ProAg events as it has always been their goal to develop a foundation of education and information in agriculture that will secure the future of agricultural communities.



Come on, join us in this fun episode and be up-to-date on better ways to run our farms!



Episode 38 Highlights  


  • 00:38 Tyler calls on our favorite guest host, Nick 😊


  • 01:18 Tyler introduces special guest, Chris Wilson ☺


  • 02:25 Chris just had his twin calves 🐄🐄, could be good luck!


  • 03:40 A little bit more about Chris Wilson and his farming operations 👨‍🌾



  • 06:18 Tyler recalls one baseball story to which he was taunted by Nick 😂😂😂



  • 10:50 Chris shares his and his family’s experience during ProAg’s events …


  • 11:15 Let’s hear Tyler’s story on his ProAg encounters 👂


  • 13:00 So how important is it for farm advocates to attend a ProAg meeting nearest you ⁉ 


  • 15:24 How was it working before with an old fertility program introduced in agronomy as           opposed to the BETTER systems we now have …


  • 18:50 Of all the Conklin products, what can Chris recommend the most ❓


  • 21:01 What does Beck’s have to say in using PFR-proven products to increase your yield & ROI 👍


  • 22:45 How do we know what products to use?? It all boils down to the soil test  ⚡⚡⚡


  • 24:10 Chris’ wrap-up message for all of our Better Way farm friends ✔



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