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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

May 3, 2021

Going back to the previous episode we had on PURPOSE, when pursuing agriculture, is your purpose etched in your hearts so much so that you continue to heed on your calling?


Today, we are going to talk about a subject that is also tied with the one above and that is PASSION. Kayla will be teaching us a thing or two about passion and how we can integrate this in our vocation as better farm owners and continue to move forward with grit and determination.


So, let's continue this conversation in another episode of eye-opening messages on better ways to run our farms… 😉



Episode 45 Highlights  


  • 00:43 The one important task that farmers have to face every day 👨‍🌾


  • 01:15 The FFA conference …


  • 01:55 Hear Kayla’s favorite FFA memory here 👈


  • 02:40 An inspirational story about passion 💚


  • 06:02 Johnny’s actions had a great impact for the team as well 👌


  • 06:50 First lesson here (all ears please!) 👂


  • 07:47 Second one on results, listen well here ◀


  • 08:53 Work hard…. Then harder….


  • 09:20 Agricultural work is a calling of passion 👩🌾



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