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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

We are so excited to share another episode of productivity tips to all our loyal listeners out there. The A Better Way to Farm family have always looked out for all the better ways we can support our farm productions through good and bad times. So now we are going to look into foliar feeding and all the ways we can use it to our advantage.


If you have been racking your brains out on ways to grow more bushels economically, then you definitely should tune in to our episode today. Foliar feeding may not be new to you but how it can be done correctly may somehow leave us to a tricky note.


So, are you ready to listen and take quick notes? Let’s go right in and learn better ways indeed to make our farm yields better… 😉 😉 😉



Episode 53 Highlights


  • 00:18 First off, thank you! Please rate and share us, help spread the love ❤


  • 00:40 Why foliar feeding now ⁉


  • 01:42 Hang around our Facebook Page here, to check on the pictures we’re going to post over the next 10 days!


  • 02:07 Pushing into new limits? Find out how through the 4 Rs …


  • 03:05 Plant staging information and how? Call or text 6-4-1-9-1-9-1-2-0-6


  • 03:24 Foliar feeding this year? Risk vs. Rewards ❓❓


  • 04:25 The two schools of thought on what to foliar feed ß ß


  • 06:58 Learn the importance of soil and tissue testing


  • 07:50 What sets us apart?? Our RECOMMENDATIONS ✔


  • 08:36 NO to too much yield reduction ❌


  • 09:28 Again, why foliar feed? Hear the best reason there could be ß


  • 10:01 Again, you may call us, text us, follow us on Facebook! Have a better day! ❤❤❤



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