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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Feb 15, 2021

On this 2nd of a 4-part episodes, Rod will teach us the many benefits of using AMPLIFY-D and WEX! Amongst other farm products, research has shown creditable data to support these claims. Let us be reminded that when faced with adverse decisions, never be afraid to ask your WHY?? Also, in this episode you’re going to know more about X-CYTO. Do you really want to increase your yields? Get ready to hear the “Rod Challenge”! Let’s go! Tune in and listen!



Episode 34 Highlights  


  • 00:30 Rod’s quick recap of the previous episode 😊


  • 02:10 Check out Beck’s proven data on four of our farm products! 👍👍👍


  • 02:50 AMPLIFY-D vs. Brand ❌


  • 04:10 Plant growth regulator that has been around for 20+ years à X-CYTO ✅


  • 05:16 Are you planting your soybeans too thick? Listen here 👂


  • 05:28 Take the “Rod Challenge” here…


  • 07:10 Let’s talk N-P-K-S & B… 1st up, Nitrogen 👈


  • 07:28 Start with the 4R’s ✔


  • 10:45 Do something different & better, you make money in farming 💲👨‍🌾


  • 11:05 So what are our Nitrogen options ❓


  • 12:50 Looking to stabilize your Nitrogen? Let’s talk ☎


  • 14:40 Switching gears, next up is Phosphorous 👈


  • 17:15 Let’s understand better these PH levels 💧



  • 21:10 Now, let’s talk about K (Potassium)



  • 24:42 Hear again the best way to build your K levels 👂


  • 25:53 Want to know more about the impact of the ratio between K and Mag? Give us a call 📞


  • 26:23 Moving on, let’s talk a little about Sulphur 👈


  • 28:58 Last stop, brief talk on Boron 👈


  • 29:38 Note that Boron is responsible for blue, for silk, and for pollen 💡


  • 31:05 Like this podcast? Share us with a neighbor! 🎙


  • 31:30 Intrigued?! Let us teach you how to make great decisions based off of a good soil test.Send us a message, give us a call, send us a txt à 641-919-1206


  • 31:58 Watch out for our next episode about spraying and other micronutrients! 💚



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