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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Feb 1, 2021

On today’s special episode, it is our honour to welcome Jim Schwartz to the podcast! Born and raised in Indiana, after graduating from Purdue University, he has dedicated 36 productive years to agriculture and the seed industry. Currently, he serves as the director of research, agronomy, and PFR (practical farm research) for Beck’s Seed. We are as excited as you guys to discuss the importance of research with Jim so come, tune in and listen!




Episode 32 Highlights  


  • 00:35 Kayla presents Rod Livesay 😊


  • 01:05 Kayla presents special guest, Jim Schwartz 😊


  • 02:48 Rod asks Jim how did he get started with agriculture ❔


  • 04:20 Jim shares what he loves best in working for Beck’s 👍


  • 04:58 So what fuels Jim’s passion for experimenting?


  • 05:10 Find out Jim’s life maxim here ⁉


  • 06:50 For everything we know about agriculture, it’s just the tip of the iceberg 💧


  • 07:35 Jim tells us more about the PFR book – the creation and testing process


  • 10:20 The rational behind publishing a product data whether good or bad (listen carefully) 👂


  • 11:07 What could be the best way a farmer could review the PFR book and implement the results❓


  • 13:00 The importance of being geographically diverse on research assumptions


  • 14:00 Rod’s wife take on the difference between experience and wisdom 💡


  • 14:35 So what’s the one tool/product Jim recommends every grower could put into action ❓


  • 16:33 The success strategy on the seeding rate of soybeans 👌


  • 17:25 What motivates Jim to work hard? 💎


  • 18:00 If Jim could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 🏡


  • 18:18 What’s the favorite thing Jim listens to in the car? 🚗


  • 18:45 Jim’s closing comments 💚


  • 18:58 Kayla’s parting shot! ❤


  • 19:20 Share this podcast with a friend... and don’t forget to rate us! 😊



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