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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Sep 20, 2021

It is another beautiful week to look forward to and today is a lovely day to share with you some productivity tips for managing our farms, the Better Way. How have you been preparing for the fall?


In this episode, we are going to discuss things that are really important to pay attention to. 2022 is fast approaching and we all wanted to be ready for all possibilities and put ourselves in the best position even when faced with a crisis. Be ready to listen and learn again! Let’s go right in and note better ways to prepare our farm’s input strategies for next year. Tune in! 😉 😉 😉



Episode 66 Highlights


  • 00:55 Time to talk about input strategies for 2022 🗓


  • 01:12 Let’s dig in more about force majeure and how it greatly affects us ß


  • 02:01 Another example of the havoc brought by this force majeure clause


  • 02:43 As they say, “never let a good crisis go to waste” …


  • 03:43 Have you been seeing a lot of consistent price increases lately❓


  • 04:18 So, how do we strategize to make it the best for us??


  • 04:55 Listen here to learn how to put ourselves in the best position during these times 👨‍🌾


  • 05:20 The best scenario and a backup scenario here 👈


  • 06:30 The just-in-time way of manufacturing 👎


  • 07:24 à Here’s the reality …


  • 08:12 Take control of your own fate 👍


  • 09:45 #1 strategy à take advantage of the discounts 👌


  • 10:56 #2 strategy à wait until you sell your corn or your beans, don’t sit around waiting 🚫


  • 11:50 Think this through, what is the best thing for you?


  • 12:03 Maybe this is the year to consider doing something different 💚


  • 12:50 Want to know more value on this subject à call or text 6 4 1 9 1 9 1 2 0 6


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