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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Mar 8, 2021

Today, we are going to hear about the vitality of continued training in agriculture especially in growing our farms. From agronomy to soil tests, to better agricultural products, let us dig deeper into its applications down the road with Tyler. Come on, join us in this episode and be informed on better ways to run our farms!



Episode 37 Highlights  


  • 00:35 Tyler gives a brief background on his journey in the beginning onto the world of agriculture..


  • 02:35 His previous take on fertilizers and chemicals 😏


  • 03:03 An eye-opening experience that brought out his passion 👁


  • 05:15 Why is it important to stay updated in what’s happening in agriculture 👨‍🌾


  • 07:40 “If you’re green, you’re growing and if you’re ripe, you rot”. – Ray Kroc


  • 09:12 Tyler shares his experience with analyzing Midwest Laboratories recommendations 👍


  • 12:33 Kayla’s encounter during her Midwest Lab tour 👩‍🔬



  • 15:45 Watch out for one of the greatest online training produced, with no other than Jerry Cox – a 25-time yield champion! 👌


  • 16:35 The one key technique Tyler would recommend to transform your farm operations 👈


  • 19:00 See you in the next Pro-Ag event!



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