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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Now in this episode, we are going to go a little bit into current concerns of the unavailability of fertilizers, which consequently affected current pricing structures. We have to be reminded Better Way farmers, that these things happen and this is no time to panic because every storm cloud has a silver lining. There will always be available alternatives and this is what we are going to tackle about in this episode. So, come and join Rod in this enlightening episode to learn more on efficient ways to run our farms especially during these trying times.



Episode 40 Highlights  


  • 01:15 Let’s sit down, take a deep breath, and start to look at all the alternatives…


  • 01:45 Do not use micronutrients that is uncalled for! ❌


  • 02:05 The foundation of it all is a good soil test! Hear this out! 👂


  • 02:28 Eliminate the limiting factors first


  • 02:38 Potassium levels concern? Go back to this episode with Dr. Mulvaney.


  • 03:15 What to do with a lack of Phosphorous on hand ❓


  • 04:45 The article also talked a little bit about Nitrogen, all ears here!


  • 06:00 What’s the “Better Way” system is like


  • 06:35 Remember, not all fertilizers are created equal


  • 08:30 The “Better Way” system is a tried and proven system


  • 09:38 Look around and find someone who has done it before, because great things await you


  • 10:10 If you found value in what we do, share us with a friend and do rate us so we can reach our goal to help more American farmers to do better! ❤



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