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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Starting 2021 right, Kayla came up with a couple of ideas to impart insightful farm advice to listeners who would like to start out with just the right farming lessons straight from the authority himself, Rod Livesay. Tune in, listen, and have a grasp of farm wisdom from the man who also learned some things the hard way. This could also be the one mistake you would not want your farm to live through.


Episode 28 Highlights


>>01:05: Kayla and Rod talks about farm things that could have went differently on rewind 😉


>>01:30: When the trailer brakes didn’t work! 😮


>>02:20: A mistake is made any time we don’t involve our children in the farm early.


>>03:55: Everybody in the family had a job they can do to be involved in farm works.


>>04:50: We need to get our pH right... 💯


>>05:20: Kayla asks the importance of where to get lime to be able to adjust the deficiencies.


>>06:25: The best way to figure out the levels and the lime to be purchased ✅


>>07:14: You don’t have to wait until it’s perfect! Don’t let fear keep you stuck ❕


>>09:20: Get started! Don’t wait! Whatever it is you want to do 🆗


>>10:10: Pick one thing this year, decide today! Figure out the HOW later ⁉


>>10:45: GIVE US A REVIEW ❤



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