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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Aug 9, 2021

We are so excited to share with you today another episode of practical tips for all our dedicated listeners over time. The A Better Way to Farm family has always aimed to find better ways to support our co-farmers and owners even through good and bad times, not only in farm productions but also in concrete tips and life hacks.


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Now, be ready to listen and learn again! Let’s go right in and gain better ways indeed to make our farm management skills better every time… 😉 😉 😉



Episode 59 Highlights


Rod: [00:00:17] Good afternoon, Rod here at A Better Way to Farm. Talking to you today. Wanting to share with you three ideas, maybe to help improve our discipline. We're very blessed. Uh, Kayla and I are headed down the road. We're headed to Wellsville, Missouri to do a meeting tonight. We're super stoked about going down there and seeing those guys and having a chance to talk to them.


[00:00:36] We just went through the biofuel capital of the world, according to the sign at the edge of LaDonna, Missouri. Beautiful trip. Enjoying the time with sis and getting to hang out and do some stuff. The other one, Karen, she sent me a message and wanted me to come up with a live here for you all today. And I was reflecting back. We just had the opportunity. We finished up setting through the global leadership summit, which is a tremendous honour. And I encourage all of you to go ahead and book your tickets for next year, the first Thursday and Friday in August. We're going to be doing it again. And you can do it too. You can go to any one of many places to do it with friends, or you can do it from the comfort of your own home on a television.


[00:01:13] But we really enjoyed global leadership summit. And it really got me thinking about how do we become a better person? What is it that we can do to improve upon ourselves and make ourselves better parents, community members, church members, farmers, whatever it is. And so, as a result, I've kind of boiled down some of the thoughts that I've been rolling around here for the last two hours and 18 minutes as we've been on the road, thinking about this. And basically, I guess that discipline for me boils down to what are the actions that I take, what are the things that I do, or the things that I don't do that I consciously choose to do, or the things I consciously choose to avoid doing. And there's three points under this that I want to make.


[00:01:55] The first thing I want to talk about regarding our actions is I want to talk about direction. Because you see our actions can only move us in one direction at a time. They cannot move us towards a goal and away from our goal simultaneously. They cannot move us towards being a better person and away from being a better person, it's an either or. All of our actions are directional and it's one direction.


[00:02:22] So what that means is I've got to boil down and think about what is it that I'm going to do. How is it that I'm going to make sure that I'm doing the things that I need to do and get all of my actions moving towards the big picture, because sometimes we get tempted to trade what we really, really want for what we really want right now. And that short-sightedness always comes back in that action that takes me towards what I want right now. Quite often takes me away from what I really, really want. And so we've got to be able to pick those actions and say, all right, we're going to do these actions in one direction. And all of them are going to be towards the same thing.


[00:03:00] We're not going to go east for a while and in west for a while. And then north for a while and south for a while, and think we're getting somewhere. Because the reality is, if we do that, we go east and then west and then east and then west, we end up right back where we were, what a waste of time. And so that's the first thing I want to talk about, is direction.


[00:03:18] I also want to talk about purpose because our actions need to have a purpose. And we can have multiple purposes. There are actions; we'll have one direction, make no mistake about it. They will move us in one direction and one direction only. But our actions can have multiple purposes. For instance, maybe when we're out, we're trying, you know, we're building our farms, we're building our businesses where our purpose is to create something because innately, most people actually do have a need to create something. Now we beat that out of people and try and talk them out of that. We try to incentivize them not to do it, but the reality is we're born with a need to create, not to destroy, not to tear down, but to create.


[00:04:00] And in our quest, as we go about that, and we're creating, we can have one action that fulfils multiple purposes in our attempt to create. One action of expanding our farming operation in a good stewardship way that helps take care of the land for our children. One action that makes our farming more profitable to make a better life for our family. One action that leads us to do the right thing and be motivated by being followers of Christ and going in the right direction. One action. Multiple purposes. And as a matter of fact, I hope that we can all figure out how to take our purposes. And we have a lot of purposes and things that we want to do, but if we can line those actions up and move them in one direction, that helped move towards our purposes, always forward towards our purpose in multiple things. That's a great thing. So we have to be more intentional thinking about what we're going to do again, not doing what we want right now, because what we really want to do is what we, to go towards what we really want long-term.


[00:05:04] And the last thing is something I'm going to refer to as obedience. And I had a great quote today here, it came from a gentleman named Albert Tate. You need to look him up on the internet and listen to him. He is fantastic. What a great speaker. Very, very funny. But makes great points. And the quote of the day for me, actually, the quote of the last two days was this. You will go out in a season of abundance and experience scarcity because of a lack of obedience by Albert Tate.


[00:05:35] Obedience is the third word towards our actions because he shared the story, talking about the Israelites roaming through the wilderness. And as he was talking about them roaming for 40 years and he spoke of how God would provide manna in the morning and he would provide meat in the evening. And God said, I'm going to take care of you, but the only real catch is you got to do this my way. You got to do it God's way. And what did God say? Did he go out and say, all right, Monday morning, when I dropped the manna; you need to gather up as much as you can forever and ever, and ever? No, he said, go out and gather only enough for today because that which you gather will spoil at sundown.


[00:06:17] So only gather enough for today. Then he said, you do that for five days. And then on the sixth day, you go out on Saturday on the sixth day, and you would gather enough for two days. But we had to be obedient. Now, sometimes I don't know what you're called to be obedient about. I can't make that decision for you.


[00:06:37] Those of us who profess to be Christian, we got plenty of things that we need to be obedient to. Those of us who want to just be better people, we got things we need to be obedient to. We got calls we have to hear, and we've got to make sure that those, that obedience is our key cornerstone in all of our action. And so if we're making sure that we are attempting to be obedient, then we're going to go out and our actions are going to say, okay, we're going to do this right. We do live in a season of abundance. Yes, sometimes things are tough. Yes, sometimes weather is bad. Sometimes prices aren't good. But guys, we won the birth lottery. We live in the greatest nation on the face of the earth. And it was by God's grace that we were here and not somewhere else. And winning that birth lottery put us in a position of always being on abundance. Now, the question is, do I take action that moves me into scarcity? In other words, do I have the faith to listen to God, say, all right, I'm only going to gather enough manna for today because I know he's going to provide for tomorrow?


[00:07:39] That doesn't mean be reckless. It doesn't mean do the wrong thing and it sure doesn't mean be lazy. However, we've got to make sure that we're not being motivated by greed. We've got to make sure that we don't go out and experience scarcity because we took advantage of the abundance and we weren't obedient to the call. And I don't know how this applies to you. I think you guys probably can come up with some ways that being obedient to the call, not being greedy, enjoying the abundance that we have and not to the point that we drive ourselves into a time of scarcity. And that's my hope for you. This will trigger some thoughts and you can sit down and talk about the fact with your family, with your crew on your farm, with whoever it is that you work with and count your blessings and talk about the abundance and pay attention and make sure we don't do the wrong thing and be disobedient and end up in scarcity.


[00:08:30] So guys, I hope that this finds you doing well. I hope your actions all have one direction. I hope that you have multiple purposes and your actions are driving them, driving you towards that. And I hope that you're being able to be obedient in to whatever calling it is that you have.


[00:08:47] Guys, we appreciate you so much. If you would like to have an opportunity for us to sit down a visit with you, reach out, get us a message. Text 6 4 1 9 1 9 1 2 0 6, send us a text, give us a call, put a message here on the Facebook. We really do appreciate you. We would ask that you share this with a friend if you find value in what you do, in what we do. I also encourage you to slip on over and listen to the podcast. And we've got some great podcasts that have dropped. And we encourage you to find those on whatever platform you listen on. And with that being said, guys share us with a friend, and I really hope you're having a better day.



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