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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

Apr 19, 2021

In every situation in life, changes are inevitable but when should we know that it has to come from us, and why? This is one question that Rod will speak of in this episode of A Better Way to Farm. He will be sharing with us his 5 Rules for Life that gives valuable lessons we can openly apply to the management of our farms.


So, come and join Rod on a further episode of eye-opening messages about running farms in a more rational manner and adapting to the changing environment… 😉



Episode 43 Highlights  


  • 00:28 First off, if you find value in what we do, share us with a friend and rate us please! ❤


  • 00:40 Our topic for today à C-H-A-N-G-E 👍


  • 00:50 Listen to Rod’s 5 Rules for Life HERE 👈👂


  • 01:35 Here is one story where these 5 rules have applied 👌


  • 02:45 We’re all going to make mistakes, but do we learn lessons from them or not ⁉


  • 02:58 Remember, lessons are repeated until they are learned ❗


  • 03:12 Example #1 ___ The Negative Co-worker


  • 04:05 Example #2 ___ The Valued Client


  • 05:38 Example #3 ___ The Mega Expensive Strip-Till Machine


  • 07:25 Farming is a competitive game 👩‍🌾


  • 07:50 Know the real sign of maturity in all our actions here 👈


  • 08:07 Define insanity 😮


  • 08:48 Want to hear Rod’s example of his own mistake? Take a listen here…


  • 09:15 The story of the successful uncle 🤑


  • 10:33 Value 🆚 Price


  • 11:08 Embrace the 5 Rules for Life & have a successful planting season, our Better Way Farmers!



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