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A Better Way to Farm Podcast

May 24, 2021

We are going to start the week right by discussing about an important topic we sometimes fail to recognize, and that is our relationships. We are going to shift a little from agronomy here because even if we are doing great things, if we are not investing time in our relationships, it could be of questionable worth.


Listen and tune in as Rod teaches us important life lessons not only in handling our farms but also in ways to nurture our relationships. Come on, let’s hear and learn in this quick episode of modern-day lessons on doing things the Better Way… 😉



Episode 48 Highlights


00:45     What relationships are you investing in today??


01:19     Do not get wrapped up in the daily grind ...


01:43     Ask yourself, why are you doing the work that you do ❔


02:50     Focus on the health of your marriage and your children 👍


03:05     Check out some pretty painless ways to do these! 👈


04:10     Want some pretty good relationship advice? Listen here ⏪⏪


04:55     ... the two kinds of kids in the world 🧒👦


05:22     Even if it's not perfect all the time, it doesn't mean we shouldn't try at all ✔


06:14     Again, think hard on what you can do to invest in those relationships of the people that you value -- in better ways 💚



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